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Fly Babee Device: Australia’s Answer to Crying Babies on Plane

by Fiona Luke September 12, 2016 2 min read

Australian Network News:http://www.australianetworknews.com/fly-babee-device-australias-answer-crying-babies-plane/

The solution for crying baby problems during flight is the Fly Babee, a pop up sleep-easy cover for strollers and airline bassinets developed by an Australian inventor. Now, airplane passengers can enjoy uninterrupted sleep, thanks to this device.

The Fly Babee device was invented by Emma Lovell. The device’s first prototype was apparently made from a box, a plumbers tubing and a fabric.

It took Lovell a year to perfect her device. She had to create the device that can not only solve the crying baby problem but a device that can also be quickly removed in case of emergencies.

The Fly Babee device was designed in China. However, her first Chinese manufacturer sent her useless Fly Babees. The first 1,000 hand-made devices shipped from China did not look like the prototypes Lovell expected, as some were twisted and others bent.

Hence, she sought a Chinese agent from New Zealand. The agent tremendously helped her by communicating her demands to the manufacturers.

Although the business is only 10 months old, Lovell asserts that everything is going well thus far. The sales of the devices have quadrupled from the first year to the second.

“We’ve managed to get about 50 retailers on board, including Baby Bunting and Baby Kingdom and a number of independent retailers. For the first year, I concentrated on direct sales online through my website because I wanted to stay very close to my customers and get direct feedback from them. We’re just about to do mark II based on the feedback I’ve had over the last 12 months,” Lovell says.

Although she initially encountered problems with airlines, she eventually got her products approved. Qantas met with her and tested her product. Once approved, she then met with staff of Virgin and got approved as well.

The inventor hopes to sell Fly Babees abroad. The devices have passed regulations in the US and Europe. Distribution agreements will soon be signed in Singapore, Sweden and Malaysia, she adds.


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