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Soothing solution found for crying babies on flights

by Fiona Luke September 12, 2016 2 min read

eGlobal Travel Media: http://www.eglobaltravelmedia.com.au/soothing-solution-found-for-crying-babies-on-flights/

The sound of crying babies is all too familiar to most airline passengers, who wish only to be as far away as possible, especially on long-haul flights.

Sydney-based mother Anna Lovell has come up with an invention which addresses the problem, and it’s selling so well that distribution agreements are reportedly about to be signed in Malaysia, Singapore and Sweden.

The invention is Fly Babee, essentially a protective canopy that fits over baby bassinets in planes and on prams.

Fly Babee claims to be the first product to practically address the problems associated with flying with a baby. Overhead lights, reading lights, wall mounted TV’s directly above babies heads, passengers constantly passing and toilet lights flickering on and off are just some of the distractions that stop babies from sleeping on a plane. Sleepless babies can be loud babies, which can make passengers sleepless as well.

Fly Babee is a blackout pop-up canopy for inflight bassinets that clips to any airline bassinet as well as to an everyday stroller. Lovell says it blocks over 90% of light and keeps out the stimulating external environment to ensure babies gets the sleep they need.

“A sleeping baby is a happy baby,” Lovell comments. Many airline passengers would agree.

Lovell designed Fly Babee after confronting the challenge of trying to get her baby to sleep on a long-haul flight to Britain. Her mother was ill in the UK at the time and she had to fly between Australia and Britain with her infant daughter.

“Travelling with a baby is hard and trying to get them to sleep when you’re out and about and breaking routine is even harder. I didn’t wake up and think – ‘I want to start my own business’ – the discovery of the problem kept burning away inside of me until I started playing around with ideas on how to make parenting easier.

“The business developed around me really as I set about making my prototype and eventually started manufacturing.”

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