The CoziGo is the best thing I bought for my baby. We are now able to nap while out of the house.
I recommend this to all my mummy friends! ~ Rachel M.


Garuda Airline Bassinet

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Airlines provide a bassinet for travelers under 2. They located in the bulkhead near the busy toilets and kitchen.
Image courtesy Garuda Indonesia

Guide to Airline Bassinets

How do I book a baby bassinet?

You always need to request an inflight bassinet for your lap baby. You can sometimes do this online or through your agent, but many airlines request that you call to arrange. Remember, that bassinets are never confirmed or guaranteed – it’s considered a request. Our advice is to call and double check your request is on your booking – then call again just before travel!

Some airlines don’t give the option to request a bassinet and are rather a first come, first serve basis at the gate. In this case, it’s imperative to turn up at the airport as early as possible to make this request.

Why would I get a CoziGo for my flight?

Airplane baby in a Bassinet

Baby waking up refreshed during a long haul flight with CoziGo attached to the bassinet.

Baby in a bassinet

If you choose to travel with a Car Sear – CoziGo fits too

CoziGo isn’t just for flying – it’s a universal sun and sleep cover for all strollers and prams so you can use it for transit times in the airport, out and about during your trip, by the pool, at restaurants and at home to keep your baby in their all-important sleep routine.

Mommy using a bassinet

CoziGo makes for super comfortable lay overs during flights so babies can sleep despite the bright lights of the airport terminals.


Sleeping baby under CoziGo during a transit stop.

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What Parents Are Saying


A must have for summer travel!!
A must have for summer travel!!We bought the cozigo primarily to use for the airline bassinet when my 4 month old traveled with us to Italy. It worked perfectly for that and was absolutely essential because the flight kept the lights on for food service for the first 2 hours even though we were on an overnight flight.
To our pleasant surprise, the cozigo actually was Read more about review stating A must have for summer travel!!even more useful for the remainder of our trip as sun cover during a heat wave that affected our entire vacation! We never took the cozigo off the stroller and my son was able to be completely protected by the sun and also have perfectly dark naps on the go. Parents stopped and asked us about it everywhere we went! My husband and I both agreed it was the #1 baby gear we brought with us. Don’t hesitate - buy it now.
Sharon S.


Must have for a plane trip
Must have for a plane tripIt proofed itself super useful for a plane with basined, but that’s not all! It also can be used with the regular stroller basined or a car sit or in many other situations when we want to simply block the lights and create more calm atmosphere for sleeping. I would buy again without any hesitations!
- Simon S.


Get it for international travel!
A LIFESAVER on a two 10-hour airplane flights. So grateful I learned about this on Virgin Atlantic's "approved kids travel items" list. My babe slept 6 hours straight on an overnight flight, and took every one of his naps on a daytime flight. Highly recommend, and excited to try on the stroller too. P.S. It folded up so easily and lightly--fit in Read more about review stating Get it for international travel!an already bursting diaper backpack. Just be sure to practice folding it before you fly.
- Jennifer J.