Blocks 97% of light - Improves Nap time by up 400% - 100% breathable

CoziGo As

an airplane bassinet cover

CoziGo makes airplane travel with your baby simple & carefree! We know the struggles of flying and travel with an infant baby! Our aim is to make your parenting journey enjoyable and so CoziGo was born - a multi-functional pram and airline bassinet cover that takes the stress out of being on the move with your special little bub.

CoziGo fits over Airline Bassinets. It blocks light, movement and stimulation helping baby to sleep without constant distraction preventing in-flight melt downs & those nasty stares from fellow passengers. CoziGo also reduces your baby’s exposure to in-flight germs so you stay healthy and land refreshed ready to enjoy your destination. Click here to read more....


A Stroller Sleep Cover

Just pop, clip and away you go. CoziGo helps to solve sleep issues by removing distractions and blocking 97% of light. It’s been proven time and time again that with CoziGo, babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer leaving you to enjoy getting out and about. The perfect way to create a comfortable rest for your baby when on the go! CoziGo has been designed for full comfort and protection from the elements. Click here to read more....


A Stroller Sun Cover

CoziGo is 100% breathable and protects from the harsh UV rays with UVP 50+. The dome shape allows for plenty of kick space and effective cross flow ventilation. CoziGo is not just breathable, it’s air permeable too! All you have to do is pop, clip and get on the move whilst your baby relaxes comfortably, protected from the sun and other elements that could disturb their rest! Click here to read more....

CoziGo Is

Easy to Use

One product does it all. CoziGo is universal, lightweight and compact. The pop up frame means it’s instantly ready to go and a simple twist and fold mechanism sees it back in its handy travel bag. The sliding clips means you can quickly attach and remove CoziGo without having to battle Velcro loops, making it the ultimate every day accessory for active parents.

All you have to do is pop, clip and go – it’s simple and highly-practical.

CoziGo in


Check out this video! It captures all that CoziGo Sleep Easy Cover has to offer. You'll really be able to get a feel for how CoziGo can change your lifestyle when it comes to getting out and about safely with your baby whilst keeping to that all important sleep routine.


Universal Fit

Designed to fit Airline Bassinets and all strollers

Blocks 97% Light

Helps baby sleep for longer

UVP 50+

Reduce exposure to UV rays

Dual Purpose

Sleep cover & sun cover in one

100% Breathable

Eliminates risk of suffocation


Unique dome shape for cross-flow ventilation


“We use CoziGo on the pram every day and it’s absolutely the best thing ever. It protects him from the hot sun & on holiday he slept whilst we wandered around at night. We get so many positive comments. I highly recommend the CoziGo to anyone with a small bub. We use it now that we are home as a cover for our stroller. And the customer service was exceptional.”

Kelly M

“Once on the plane we put the COZIGO on and oh my goodness our little girl slept 17hrs out of a 22hr flight. This never would have happened without a COZIGO. I love it so much I have even put it on our anetanatal facebook page. Highly recommend.”

Monique B

“We recently flew to Europe from Australia, and used CoziGo both on the plane bassinet, and also on the pram when we were out site seeing. We had endless compliments on the design, and what it was achieving. It allowed us peace of mind our Bub was getting a good sleep. Highly recommended! We use it daily now we’re home.”

Gemma L

“We love our CoziGo! It's an absolute saviour in getting our son to sleep when we're out and about. Just last night we had him on routine and sound asleep in his pram, under CoziGo while we were out for dinner with friends. Love, love, love this product and I wonder how we got by without it for our first two children.”

Catherine N