The CoziGo is the best thing I bought for my baby. We are now able to nap while out of the house.
I recommend this to all my mummy friends! ~ Rachel M.

CoziGo - sleep & sun protection cover for all strollers & airline cots

Breathable in Summer - Snug & Cozy in Winter!

Revolutionise the way you and baby travel with our multi-award-winning Safe Sleep & Sun Cover! As Seen on Shark Tank and backed by Janine Allis.

Whether you are looking to help baby sleep better when you’re out and about or hoping to make your next long-haul flight less stressful, CoziGo (formerly Fly Babee) is the must-have item that will have you raving!

Fast becoming known as ‘The Miracle Cover’, this lightweight, compact, pop-up cover is helping babies all over the world fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer, with the added bonus of being a sanity saver for their parents!

Enjoy your healthy outdoor lifestyle, enjoy your parenting journey! Get baby back to peaceful nap times with CoziGo.

Warning—CoziGo SERIOUSLY improves your baby's sleep patterns!

More Information
  • Universal Fit for all stroller styles, bassinets and airplane cots
  • 100% breathable & air permeable - your baby will breath comfortably and never overheat
  • Protects baby from germs- ensure a healthier environment by limiting your baby's exposure from unwanted germs
  • Improves baby sleep by up to 500% - blocks 97% of light and all distractions so your baby will fall asleep fast and for longer
  • Stress free outings and flying - prevents in-flight meltdowns & over-tiredness from your baby when you're on the go and traveling
  • Excellent sun protection - 50+ UVP so your little one will always be protected from the dangers of the sun
  • Cross flow ventilation- The unique dome shape allows your bundle of joy to have a nice refreshing breeze with plenty of kick space. It’s air permeable and breathable!
  • Easy to use - pop, clip & go in seconds and packs in to a small bag quickly
  • Two-way zippers - on each side so you can open one or both allowing your baby or toddler to see the world go by, protected by the sun no matter what direction its coming from and you have easy access to your precious cargo
  • Lightweight & compact(600g/1.3lbs)
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What Parents Are Saying About CoziGo?


"I'm going to make you an offer..." - Janine Ellis.


"Run don't walk and buy this!"
Review by Aisha L.


Gold Award for Most Popular Baby product award.


At every opportunity you can! CoziGo allows you the flexibility to get out and about when you need to without disturbing your baby’s sleep routine. CoziGo is a universal pram & stroller cover perfect for mums with babies needing a pram cover. Take it everywhere with you whenever you want your baby to sleep - for peaceful coffees, outings, day trips, holidays, weekends away, trips to friends and relatives houses and most importantly any in-flight bassinet. CoziGo blackout pop-up canopy for in-flight bassinets is a must have accessory

CoziGo blocks out over 90% of surrounding light. It makes your pram and inflight bassinet dark and cosy. Your baby will be able to see shapes and movement which often provides them with the security that things and people are around them, but nothing is able to catch their eye and stimulate them.

CoziGo is made from a woven fabric with many holes and is 100% breathable. CoziGo provides a well-ventilated environment within prams, strollers and inflight bassinets.

CoziGo fabric has been tested in a respected testing laboratory for air-permeability and breathability and provides a free flow of air through the fabric, addressing the potential hazard of suffocation. Mums with babies, husbands, grandparents, friends of mums with babies and toddlers can rest knowing that CoziGo is a safe product.

Yes. CoziGo provides an ultra-violet radiation block of over 95% and provides good sun protection. Your baby’s skin will not burn but we recommend that you turn your pram/stroller away from direct sun and seek shade where possible. Never leave your baby unattended and check on their comfort levels regularly.

CoziGo is designed to fit most airline bassinets. There are a number of old aircraft that carry bassinets that are not appropriate to use with CoziGo. If you are unlucky enough to get a bassinet that CoziGo doesn't fit, take a photo of it and return the unit in unused condition and we will offer a full refund.

See our full FAQ's for full list of formally assessed and approved airlines.

CoziGo has been formally assessed and approved for use by the following airlines:

Emirates, Virgin Australia, Etihad, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Air Canada, Virgin Atlantic, Air Astana.   

The following airlines have expressed that CoziGo is allowed for use but is at the discretion of the crew on the day:

Qantas, Cathay Pacific, ANA, Delta.

Notes from Qantas:CoziGo/Fly Babee canopies may be fitted to the bassinets in Economy and Premium Economy cabins. The customer is responsible for fitting and removing it and Cabin Crew should ensure that the bassinet seat belt can be clipped/unclipped while the canopy is being used. The CoziGo/Fly Babee has Velcro that may be attached to the bassinet wall brackets to ensure it stays upright. Other items, including the canopy storage bag, may not be hung from the CoziGo/Fly Babee bassinet. Due to bassinet structure the canopies may not be used in First or Business. Please note: In addition to providing these briefing notes, Qantas now state that the ultimate decision rests with the crew on the day as there may be other factors that mean devices brought on by passengers can’t be used - please be understanding that crew are doing their job to keep passengers on board safe. Notes from Emirates:CoziGo does not fit on the Airline bassinet in the Business Class section of their A380.

OTHER AIRLINES: Subject to the crew of the day.Thousands of our customers have used their CoziGo successfully on airlines from all around the world with no issue. It’s up to the crew on the day as to whether you can use it. If your airline doesn't appear on this list - we simply haven't yet sought formal approval, but they most likely will still allow it. If you are unsure, we advise that you contact the airline to check.If questioned by crew whilst on your flight, we recommend that you explain that the CoziGo is fully breathable and has plenty of viewing points to keep an eye on the welfare of your baby. Offer to open up the zipper, once baby has gone to sleep. Explain to the crew it can be quickly removed using the easy release clip in the case of emergency and is not designed for use during take-off and landing.If you are rejected use of your CoziGo, please let us know. It's also useful to write to the Airline to see if there's anything they can with their policy regarding the use of comfort items on their flights.

Unapproved airlines: Air New Zealand.
There are other no airlines that have communicated CoziGo is a banned product.