The CoziGo is the best thing I bought for my baby. We are now able to nap while out of the house.
I recommend this to all my mummy friends! ~ Rachel M.

CoziGo folding Instructions from QR code


Thanks for purchasing your CoziGo. When you unpack your CoziGo out of its bag, it'll pop open and be ready for use.

To pack it back up takes just seconds but there is a knack and it's NOT the same as a traditional beach shelter.

The aim is to fold it into three small circles. It's a twist and fold action and there are a couple of different ways you can fold.

We have included two videos below to show you the two different ways to fold.

PLEASE NOTE - do not twist and fold in half! It won't be small enought to fit in to the bag and you may bend the frame. You need to twist and fold in to three circles so watch the video carefully to master your preferred folding technique.


This product has an internal spring frame that will pop open with some force. Never let small children unfold or fold this product. Always hold the product away from your body when opening.

 Never open CoziGo in a confined space as it is designed to open to its full size in seconds. Always make sure that there is ample space around you.

The safety of your child is your responsibility.

Never leave your child unattended with CoziGo for any reason.

Do not let other children play unattended near CoziGo.

Do not use if any part is broken, torn or missing.

Use only replacement parts supplied or approved by the manufacturer.

Be aware of the risk of open fires and other sources of strong heat, such as electric bar fires, gas fires, etc., in the near vicinity of CoziGo.

Only clean the product with a damp cloth.

Regularly check CoziGo for any damage. If the product is damaged do not use and contact customer service for advice.

VIDEO 1 - Simple Fold

We recommend that you start using CoziGo on your pram as soon as you can during your everyday routine. You’ll love it – and your baby will love it. If you have any trips coming up and you plan to use CoziGo on the inflight bassinet, your baby will already be familiar with it and it will already be a part of their sleeping routine. Babies go to sleep with a series of cues provided by you – once you clip CoziGo to the pram, they will know it’s time to sleep. The same will happen when once you board your flight – CoziGo makes travelling with a baby easy.

Babies naturally stir in 45 minute sleep cycles – when there are no distractions to look at and catch their eye, your baby will naturally fall in to the next cycle and stay in comfortable slumber.

Using CoziGo will promote a deeper, longer sleep. CoziGo helps baby to sleep whilst flying - it is the perfect sleeping aid for Air Travel. Buy Now

Before using CoziGo we suggest that you practice the folding technique. It will take about 3-5 attempts before you get used to it. If you have bought CoziGo to use on an airplane, we suggest introducing it to your baby as soon as possible on your stroller or pram. This will get your baby used to sleeping with CoziGo and it will become part of the settling routine – it will be a familiar comfort to your baby when it comes to settling time during your flight.

CoziGo blocks out over 90% of surrounding light. It makes your pram and inflight bassinet dark and cosy. Your baby will be able to see shapes and movement which often provides them with the security that things and people are around them, but nothing is able to catch their eye and stimulate them.

CoziGo is made from a woven fabric with many holes and is 100% breathable. CoziGo provides a well-ventilated environment within prams, strollers and inflight bassinets.

CoziGo fabric has been tested in a respected testing laboratory for air-permeability and breathability and provides a free flow of air through the fabric, addressing the potential hazard of suffocation. Mums with babies, husbands, grandparents, friends of mums with babies and toddlers can rest knowing that CoziGo is a safe product.

CoziGo has been formally assessed and approved for use by the following airlines:

The following airlines have expressed that CoziGo is allowed for use but is at the discretion of the crew on the day:

Notes from Qantas:CoziGo/Fly Babee canopies may be fitted to the bassinets in Economy and Premium Economy cabins. The customer is responsible for fitting and removing it and Cabin Crew should ensure that the bassinet seat belt can be clipped/unclipped while the canopy is being used. The CoziGo/Fly Babee has Velcro that may be attached to the bassinet wall brackets to ensure it stays upright. Other items, including the canopy storage bag, may not be hung from the CoziGo/Fly Babee bassinet. Due to bassinet structure the canopies may not be used in First or Business. Please note: In addition to providing these briefing notes, Qantas now state that the ultimate decision rests with the crew on the day as there may be other factors that mean devices brought on by passengers can’t be used - please be understanding that crew are doing their job to keep passengers on board safe. 

Notes from Air NZ:CoziGo is permitted for use on 787-900 (Economy Class Only) and 777-200 (Economy & Premium Economy Class only). Please note, CoziGo is not permitted to be used in Business Class or the 777-300 as it unfortunately blocks the bulk head mounted ventilation. 

Notes from Emirates:CoziGo does not fit on the Airline bassinet in the Business Class section of their A380. 

OTHER AIRLINES: Subject to the crew of the day.Thousands of our customers have used their CoziGo successfully on airlines from all around the world with no issue. It’s up to the crew on the day as to whether you can use it. If your airline doesn't appear on this list - we simply haven't yet sought formal approval, but they most likely will still allow it. If you are unsure, we advise that you contact the airline to check.If questioned by crew whilst on your flight, we recommend that you explain that the CoziGo is fully breathable and has plenty of viewing points to keep an eye on the welfare of your baby. Offer to open up the zipper, once baby has gone to sleep. Explain to the crew it can be quickly removed using the easy release clip in the case of emergency and is not designed for use during take-off and landing.If you are rejected use of your CoziGo, please let us know. It's also useful to write to the Airline to see if there's anything they can with their policy regarding the use of comfort items on their flights. 

Unapproved airlines:There are no airlines that have communicated CoziGo is a banned product.For other products we stock, it is up to your as the consumer to research which airlines allow the use of them.

CoziGo CoziGo fits both Car Seats and capsules well – however, CoziGo has not been tested for use whilst your car seat or capsule is inside a car. We ONLY recommend using CoziGo in this way when the car seat is used in a plane seat and when the capsule is used on your stroller or placed on the ground.

CoziGo has also been tested in a respected testing laboratory for flammability. The fabric is self-extinguishing when applying a direct flame for 12 seconds. This is a very good result, thus giving CoziGo a low flammability rating. Mums with babies, husbands, grandparents, friends of mums with babies and toddlers can rest knowing that CoziGo is a safe product. Of course, we recommend that you never leave your stroller or pram near fires, ovens or naked flames.

Yes. CoziGo provides an ultra-violet radiation block of over 95% and provides good sun protection. Your baby’s skin will not burn but we recommend that you turn your pram/stroller away from direct sun and seek shade where possible. Never leave your baby unattended and check on their comfort levels regularly.

CoziGo is designed to fit most airline bassinets. There are a number of old aircraft that carry bassinets that are not appropriate to use with CoziGo. If you are unlucky enough to get a bassinet that CoziGo doesn't fit, take a photo of it and return the unit in unused condition and we will offer a full refund.

We originally launched as Fly Babee - Travel Made Easy! Then when we went global we decided to time our expansion with a new name! Fly Babee wasn’t just for flying – very quickly, it became one of the most popular Sun and Sleep covers for every stroller - so with that in mind, we re-launched as CoziGo - Sleep on the Go! The idea being that your baby can get cosy and you can GO! At the time of our re-brand – we also added two new features to the previous Fly Babee model: CoziGo comes with two-way zippers giving you even more flexibility and we also added two hidden Velcro slits that means CoziGo fits on even more airline bassinets. So - when you're ready to buy your pop-up Sleep and Sun cover for every stroller or you're getting ready for an adventure and you want to make flying with babies easier than ever before - choose CoziGo - Sleep on the Go!