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Fly Babee provides a safe alternative when covering a pram.

by Emma Lovell October 19, 2015 3 min read

Fly Babee Sleep Easy cover is 100% breathable and has been rated UPF 50+

October 19, 2015, Sydney, Australia- Fly Babee acknowledges the fact that covering a pram with a blankets, towels or wraps can be dangerous. This fact has been addressed in detail recently in the media. Fly Babee Sleep Easy is a safe alternative to covering prams. Fly Babee has been thoroughly tested by AWTA Pty Ltd. and is 100% breathable, and provides a UPF 50+ level of sun protection yet still blocks out 97% of the light and distraction.

The weather is warming up and many parents can be seen walking their little ones along beach side paths, parking prams next to park playgrounds or simply strolling in their street. To avoid the sun shining brightly in their child’s eyes or to assist their baby drift off into dreamland, parents simply sling whatever they have to hand over the pram. They are blissfully unaware that their babies are in danger.

Parents need to be careful that they choose a covering that does not prevent adequate airflow when covering the front of a pram. Even lightweight covers can cause heat to build up. This can increase the baby’s risk of heat suffocation. Overheating and re-breathing in Carbon Dioxide can increase the baby’s risk of SIDS.

By trying to protect their babies from the heat, parents are in fact putting their children’s lives in danger. We are all aware that cars can heat up dangerously quickly but did you know that prams could too?

SIDS and Kids recommends on www.sidsandkids.org that “babies control their temperature predominately through the face. Sleeping baby on the back with the head and face uncovered is the best way to protect baby from overheating.”

Fly Babee helps to combat this danger. It is 100% breathable and air permeable -which means that air flows around the pram freely. It is made from mesh fabric, which is also UPF 50+. This means that the child is protected from sunburn and heat. Fly Babee also has two-curved zip up openings so that parents can control shade and protect their little ones from the sun. Fly Babee also creates a bubble shaped cocoon so that the child can kick and move freely. Fly Babee blocks out 97% of the light. This ensures that baby can sleep peacefully and safely on the move.

Fly Babee creator and owner, Emma Lovell, sums this up perfectly:

“As a mum of two young kids, I really do believe in keeping your babies in their all-important sleep routine as much as possible. However, we must ensure that their sleeping environment is safe. This was my primary focus when developing Fly Babee. Living in Manly, I’d often take bub for a walk along the coast and it's a common sight to see parents covering their baby’s stroller with a blanket or wrap thinking they’re keeping bub safe from the sun and blocking distractions. However, poor circulation of air combined with the wrap following the line of the stroller means baby can pull the wrap in causing a choking or suffocation hazard. What ensued was designing a product that is 100% breathable, has a Sun Protection Factor of 50+, still allows baby to see out of either side of the cover, and a pop-dome shape (so it cant be kicked off, pulled in, or blown off in the wind), ensuring the sleeping environment is safe and comfortable for bub.”

Emma has also conducted her own experiment, which can be viewed here.