plane pal review flying with toddler

Flying with kids and toddlers just got easier - My Plane Pal Review!

As creator of CoziGo – I appreciate any product that makes travelling with babies, toddlers and kids easier. I’m out of the baby stage now and have 7 and 4 year olds – this means that travelling with my kids is getting easier. I no longer have to pack nappies, portable high chair seats, an abundance of wipes, bottles, formula, strollers, porta-cots… I literally can pack and go! However, flying with toddlers and kids is still not easy – they get bored and tired. They want to sleep when they’re tired, but space is limited and there isn’t enough room to stretch out. Up until now, most parents settle for having their kids sprawled all over themselves making it nigh on impossible to eat, sleep, watch TV or go to the toilet.


Well now there’s an alternative – the Plane Pal pillow allows you to turn a standard airline seat in to a mini bed. The idea is simple – the compact & lightweight inflatable pillow is pumped up with the provided pump and fills the gap between your child’s seat and the seat in front of them…. GENIUS!

Two kids? Then two Plane Pals side by side, enable you to have your children snuggle in together and snooze the night away. We road tested this on a recent flight to The States and my kids who normally bounce off the walls got a solid six hours sleep and were refreshed ready to live the same day all over again (the time difference could have really killed us all – but the kids getting some sleep saved us!!)


Check out the pictures of Aimee and Harry sleeping on the “in-flight beds” and how thrilled my husband is at having two sleeping kids and a seat all to himself….. he looks just about ready for his first glass of Red and a movie!!! (apologies for poor quality photos)
plane pal review flying with kids
plane pal review flying with babies


So that's a wrap on my Plane Pal review! If you’re ready to make flying with kids a breeze, we are now proud stockists of Plane Pal and you can buys yours HERE. Don’t forget if you need more than one, you need a Full Kit and then you only need to purchase additional pillow. (FREE shipping for orders over $80 Australia wide/$10 under $80)

Happy Holidays and Safe Travels!