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Easy Meal Ideas for Traveling With Kids

by Emma Lovell August 25, 2014 2 min read

Unfortunately, we can’t all bring master chefs with us on holiday! Feeding the kids when you’re on the move can sometimes present a challenge, but flying with babies, traveling with children and finding the time to eat something healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some easy meal ideas for the next time you travel with your children.

Fresh Anything: Local Goods and Produce

Shopping in local markets ensures that you give your loved ones the freshest food available. It’s also heaps of fun seeing the locals and different ingredients that your kids may not be accustomed to. Choose hearty vegetables such as carrots and fruits like apples that stay fresh without refrigeration. Use the veggies alone as quick snacks and then purchase some lettuce and salad add-ins to create a budget-friendly meal on the fly.

Maximize Your Microwave: Surprisingly Healthy Options

For a hot meal while traveling, offer your kids one of these tasty and nutritious options that you can make in your hotel microwave. In the morning, purchase a small carton of eggs and grab a mug from either your room or borrow one from the front desk. Simply crack the egg into the mug and microwave for less than a minute. Create a scrambled version by using a fork to break up the egg.

Plan Ahead: Mini-Meals for the Road

While market-brand granola and muesli bars can be packed with sugar and unhealthy dyes, a homemade version allows for easy stomach stuffers for your little ones. Use nuts, dates and natural sweeteners like honey. Let the kids pick out their favorite dried fruit to sprinkle in. Make ahead of time and reap the benefits of this healthy, tasty, and compact meal! Click herefor one of my favourite recipes.

With thanks to Kidspot for Muesli Bar recipe