When that joyful moment comes and you find out that a baby is on the way - there are so many things to buy. The big ticket items such as cots, bassinets and strollers are the first things to get ticked off the list and the process is not only expensive, but it’s overwhelming too. So, it’s not surprising that things like stroller covers get missed off the list and many parents end up reaching for muslin wraps, towels, jackets and blankets to cover their baby’s strollers when it comes sleep time or sun protection.


However,without making the correct choice this is such a dangerous practice! Svante Norgren, a paediatrician at the Astrid Lindgren children’s hospital in Stockholm, says that putting even a thin blanket over a stroller instantly raises the temperature inside and can increase the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).


‘It gets extremely hot down in the pram (Stroller), something like a thermos’, Svante said, while speaking to the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper. ‘There is also bad circulation of the air.’ Svante has explained that if a child or infant were to get overheated, they may think they are back in the womb again and ‘breathing may stop’.


That being said – we all want to protect our baby from the sun and we all know that removing distraction from the baby when it comes to sleep time is an effective way to get your baby in to a healthy sleep routine. Emma Lovell, the owner of CoziGo was determined to design a safe, universal stroller cover that address these problems and many more and here she shares her Top 10 tips to choosing the best stroller cover. (Disclaimer – Emma is bias as she truly believes that CoziGo is the best stroller cover money can buy J)

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1. Can the baby breathe? Is there enough air flow?
It’s important for the consumer to know the difference between breathable and air permeable. Fabrics such as muslins and cottons are breathable, but not necessarily air permeable. CoziGo panels consist of fabric made of many holes. It’s been tested for air permeability and tests show that air moves through the fabric as if nothing was there, providing a safe environment for your baby. Other fabrics, so not offer the same air flow and you can risk over-heating.


2. Is your baby comfortable?
Most stroller covers we’ve seen on the market attach to the stroller frame with Velcro loops, fabric ties or sprung clips. They all follow the line of the stroller giving your growing baby very little room to kick, move around and get comfortable. They look very claustrophobic. These kind of covers may be effective in the early days, but they are easily pulled off by older babies and cause distraction. 

CoziGo has been designed with an internal pop up frame – this creates a large dome around the stroller allowing plenty of kick space for your baby to do their thing before getting off to sleep. This allows babies and toddlers through to 3 years of age to comfortably sleep in the stroller under the big dome with tons of space and air flow.


3. Are you getting Sun Protection?
Not all fabrics offer Sun Protection – a muslin wrap for example, will let through most UV rays so and it’s hugely important to protect your baby’s skin. The skin of a baby is so vulnerable so it’s essential that we ensure year round protect to preserve the health of their delicate skin. Sunscreen isn’t recommended for small babies, so parents look for other ways. 

CoziGo offers UPF 50+ sun protection and properly shields your baby’s skin all year long. Its flexible design means that you don’t always have to have CoziGo fully closed up – you can open each side zipper independently from the other so your baby can happily interact with the world around them without having to peer through fabric.

4. Does it block light?

For most new parents the eternal question is “How to get baby to sleep?” When it comes to putting baby down to sleep—and helping baby stay asleep—it can feel like mission impossible sometimes, especially in those first few days, weeks or even months with your newborn.


Experts tell us that most babies won’t nap in a brightly-lit room so room-darkening techniques such as block out curtains should be used. But sometimes, sleep time has to happen on-the-go. CoziGo blocks 97% of light and is a great way to create a dark, cosy environment for your baby at naptime, even when you aren’t home! And it’s a well-known fact that with babies, sleep breeds sleep so if you nail the day sleeps, then you’re more likely to get a better night’s sleep out of your baby!


5. Is it universal? If I’m parting with my hard earned cash, what else does it do?

Most stroller covers are just stroller covers – but if you invest in a CoziGo you are buying more than just one product. CoziGo is universal to all strollers but can also fit on airline bassinets, car seats, capsules, Moses baskets and small travel cots.

CoziGo makes travelling on medium or long haul flights with a baby much more peaceful. CoziGo simply clips to the airline provided bassinet and blocks all light and distractions. Your baby is not distracted by overhead reading lights, flight attendants serving food, other people’s T.V.’s and the constant stream of passers-by. The use of CoziGo also limits the amount of germs your baby is exposed to during their flight. Click here for our hot tips on flying with a baby!


6. Is it really necessary to carry more baby paraphernalia around with me?

When you’re out and about or flying with a baby, the last thing you want to be doing is carting around more than you need. We’ve designed CoziGo to be super lightweight and compact. It weighs just 700grams (1.1lbs) and is just 27cm in diameter. About the size of a standard ruler!


Have we convinced you yet? To buy the best stroller cover money can buy click the button below!



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