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Buckle up bub: A guide to car safety and children

by Fiona Luke July 14, 2015 1 min read

Car trips can pose significant risk to young people

Sometimes it’s easy to think that there are other dangers that pose a far greater risk to children, such as finding a venomous snake in the garden, or being pushed over at school. The truth is that 604 children lost their lives in car accidents between 2004 and 2013, a figure far higher than other causes. Additionally, where transportation is concerned, being a passenger in a car poses the highest statistical risk compared with any other form of transport.

Professional fitters are there to help

A child who is securely fastened in a seat suited for their size is seven times less likely to be injured in a crash. Following the manufacturers’ instructions when fitting a car seat is essential, as an incorrectly secured car seat can cause harm to the child and other passengers. If you’re ever not sure about how to buckle your little bub, fitting stations and professionals are probably not too far away if you live near one of Australia’s urban centres.

Confusion over legislation and guidelines

Getting to grips with government legislation and guidelines can be confusing, as sometimes it’s not clear what the recommendations are, and what is required by law. The infographic below seeks to banish the bewilderment, making it clear what exactly you have to adhere to whilst your precious bub travels in the car.

Source: www.comparethemarket.com.au/