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Airline Rules for Flying with Babies - INFOGRAPHIC

by Emma Lovell December 18, 2014 1 min read

If you’re struggling to decide what airline to use when it comes to flying with a baby – this infographic will help you make an informed decision and reduce your stress.

It covers what charges you will be up for to fly with your baby, what items can be carried in addition to your usual luggage allowance and if you are entitled to priority boarding.

My top tip for flying with a baby under 2: take a nappy bag, place 1 nappy and 4 wipes into it and tie it up once. Prepare around 10 of these and put them in one corner of your hand luggage. That way, when it comes to nappy change, you can just dig your hand in to your bag and pull out everything you need for one nappy change and come back empty handed….. well, almost… don’t forget bubba!

Infographic courtesy of Mihir Patkar/Lifehacker
Prices quoted are in GBP
Prices quoted are in GBP and are correct as of Jun 2014. Infographic courtesy of Mihir Patkar/Lifehacker
*Charges apply for infants sitting on parents lap
Item terminology is as per the airlines' website e.g. buggy, stroller, pushchair. Please check with your airline for any restrictions on these items. e.g. foldable buggies
***Approved car seat is required. Please check with your airline and relevant associations.
Figure depends on route and fare type and is based on the research examples carried out.
All information correct as of 4 June 2014, researched using airlines customer service telephone lines and websites.