The CoziGo is the best thing I bought for my baby. We are now able to nap while out of the house.
I recommend this to all my mummy friends! ~ Rachel M.

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flying with a baby CoziGo sleep cover

Donna S

Purchased the CoziGo for our trip to Malta. We used it on the plane when our daughter was sleeping in the bassinet while also using it on a day to day basis while touring around to protect her from the sun. Money well spent and very easy to open/close and transport.


Sabrine C

Flying first time with my 12 month old I was nervous, especially when you have a fussy sleeper! This was the perfect solution for me which worked amazingly and bub napped twice departing, and slept most of the flight on the way home. Only thing was closing the product to original packaging was very difficult. Above all great product thank you!


Georgina B

Best purchase I made ahead of flying from Australia to the Uk with my 4 month old. He slept all the way and it really helped with keeping out the light and other distractions. A great product!


Kelly M

We purchased the CoziGo to take on a recent holiday to Hawaii and my son was just 7 months old. We used it on the pram and it was absolutely the best thing ever. It protected him from the hot sun and then at night time he slept as we wandered around. We had a lot of positive comments and i would definetley recommend the CoziGo to anyone who is travelling with a small bub. We will also use it now that we are home as a cover for our stroller. And the customer service was exceptional.


Anna P

We recently brought a CoziGo for trip to the UK. Was absolutely great on the flight there and back, my little boy was able to sleep really well even when the lights came on for meals, we had loads of positive comments from the air hostess' about where we got it. Also has been great on the pram, perfect for peaceful sleeping on hot days keeping the air flowing and the sun off him. Thanks for a great product.


Jacqueline B

It has been amazing. Baby slept through a two hour restaurant lunch the first time it was used. It has settled him on numerous occasions. Would definitely recommend this product.


Pheobe F

I was so excited I ripped The packet open in the post office and put it over my pram. The CoziGo did not disappoint! My 7 month old slept in the pram for the first time EVER! It was like a miracle. I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes on several long haul flights. We won't have to scuttle back to the hotel twice a day while traveling just so a cranky baby can sleep. I only wish I'd had the CoziGo for my first born who didn't sleep in the pram ever. Well worth the money for the freedom it gives me.


Lila C

Travelled to Europe with CoziGo and I don't think my baby would've slept on the plane without it. Also was great as a stroller cover when we got there. Highly recommended.


Pure F

We used the CoziGo on a 14 hour flight from Melbourne to Dubai. Our little boy slept about 5 hours in the bassinet and the ability to block out light from the cabin made a big difference. He is used to a cot so I was really happy with 5 hours. The airline bassinets are tiny. The poor people sitting next to us couldn't get their little girl down at all and she sobbed nearly the whole flight. The other mother said she wished she had known about the CoziGo because she was struggling trying to block out light with a muslin and it just wasn't working. Both babies were 4 months old. Overall, I am really happy I bought it. The air hostesses were all commenting that they had never seen anything like it before and that it was a great invention! 


Larissa T

What a brilliant thing the CoziGo is. I couldn’t recommend it more highly. It enabled my little one to sleep soundly on the flight without interruptions. I did have to practice folding it away at home a few times, but otherwise, top marks all round!


Carmel H

Easy to use, easy to fold away, fits stroller well. Very handy to whip out when baby unexpectedly falls asleep when we are out shopping to ensure she gets a undisturbed rest.


Kate B

After seeing CoziGo on the Shark Tank I contacted Emma with several questions regarding size, suitability etc She was extremely helpful & very prompt with each response. We then purchased one & it was the best thing we did for

our overseas trip. Bubs slept beautifully with no lights or interruptions then we used it everyday over the pram. I would highly recommend it to anyone travelling with a baby.


Hayley L

My husband and I loved using the CoziGo on our first trip overseas with our 3 month old son.  We were amazed at how adaptable the CoziGo was and how we could use it for so many different purposes.  We first used it on the plane as a bassinet cover so our son could get some sleep. He went straight to sleep just like he was at home as soon as we zipped up the cover. It also helped us to feel like he was protected from catching any nasty germs on the plane as he was sealed off in his own little bubble, which had previously been a worry as he hasn't had all of his immunisations being so young. We then used the CoziGo when we arrived in Hawaii as a pram cover to help him sleep when we were out and about. It meant he could snooze successfully regardless of where we were and what was going on around him. Finally, we used the CoziGo to protect our son from the harsh sun. It was a life-saver as his sensitive skin reacted to the sunscreen we had brought with us. It helped us to get out and about, knowing that it had a sun protection factor of 50 and he was safe. We found the CoziGo very easy to open and close once we had practised a few times. It was also small enough to keep in my handbag or the pram bag when it wasn't in use. We had many people comment on how cool our pram looked as many people hadn't seen a product like CoziGo before. It was a real head turner when we were out and about shopping up a storm in Hawaii. I would definitely suggest buying the CoziGo to any parents travelling on long (and stressful) overseas trips, as it helps make your life that bit easier. I felt it was a little expensive when I first purchased it, but in hindsight, knowing how fantastic it was to have with us, I would not hesitate to pay for it again. We will be continuing to use the CoziGo on our everyday pram now that we have returned from holidays. My hubby and I are massive fans of this Australian product and cannot recommend it highly enough. We are CoziGo fans for sure! 


Alexandra G

Although I have not used the CoziGo over the stroller as yet, on our 20hr flight from Aust to Greece, the CoziGo was a dream. Kept her sleeping through, uninterrupted & comfortable from the lights on the plane. I will be recommending this to all my friends.


Jodie D

I just wanted to give you feedback about my CoziGo - I also use it, quite simply, as a sun shield over my sleeping bub on our picnic rug to help her get her rest whilst protected from the sun when we are out with my 3 other children at the park/sports carnivals/soccer games etc. We've attracted lots of great attention from other parents who say they wish there had been a product like that when their young children were babies. Incidentally I requested mine be purchased by the group of great gals that attended my Baby Shower (after seeing it on Shark Tank) so it's a great gift idea too. 


Beatriz M

CoziGo has been a life saver on our first long haul flight and on our road trips. Definitely money well spent. 


Rebecca S

My baby only sleeps in the dark with block out curtains in the room so when we were out she wouldn't sleep - we would be lucky to get 20 minutes in the pram - now she sleeps again!! Yay! Thank you CoziGo :)


Katrina B

We recently flew Perth to Amsterdam via Dubai (and back) with our 7-8 month old and the CoziGo was fantastic throughout our journey. My son slept 6 hours straight on the first flight as if he was at home! When not using the bassinet to sleep, the CoziGo (with the front zipper open) acted as a little "tent" that he could play in while shielding away other distractions (helpful if you don't want him to get too stimulated!) and keep him from hanging over the edge or throwing toys into the aisle. I highly recommend this product and will definitely use it in the future for either the pram or flying with bassinets. All of the airline crew were very impressed! 


Louise B

I use my CoziGo on our pram every time baby and I are out and she needs to sleep. She sleeps so well in it and now knows that the CoziGo means sleep time, which means she goes to sleep almost instantly when it's put over the pram. I also use it on the car capsule when driving during her nap time. Only down side to it is that it doesn't fit very well on an Air Bus 380 bassinet because of the way the bassinet is fixed to the wall. We still used it but had to improvise with a blanket to block out the light coming through the gaps. So overall, wonderful to use everyday on the pram but doesn't fit all airline bassinets.


Josephine T

After a horrendous flight to Australia I ordered the CoziGo in the hope that the return flight home would be a bit better. It was more than I could have hoped for! My baby slept for seven of the fourteen hours of the flight, mostly due to the blackout the CoziGo provided and I think the closed space cosiness made a huge difference. Baby slept, I slept - I cannot rate the CoziGo high enough!


Ishan K

I am extremely happy with my CoziGo. We had a night flight from Gold Coast to Kuala Lumpur and bub slept so well which means I slept well too! Once we got to our destination it was only 4.30am so when we got out stroller we just had to pop the CoziGo on the stroller. In no time bub was asleep again!  We've had night flights before and bub has never slept this well so it definitely has to be the CoziGo! 


Michelle W

Absolutely wonderful! We recently returned from a 6 week holiday to Italy and Germany and the CoziGo was absolutely wonderful! During the very long flight it worked perfectly on the bassinette in the plane and my 10 month old baby slept soundly. Whilst travelling and sight-seeing the CoziGo was placed over the stroller to give my baby shade and a comfortable, cool place to sleep. It was amazing and I can recommend this product to any parent travelling! It was such a great product to have with us and we are so happy we bought it!


Jackie S

Awesome Invention. We used the CoziGo on a recent trip to Europe with our 4 month old son. It worked really well on the airplane bassinets and our little guy got lots of rest without me having to hold him the whole time! We also used the CoziGo during the rest of the trip on the front of the pram while he was sleeping. It meant that we could take him out to dinner with us after his bedtime of 7pm. Without it, we would have ordered a lot of room service! Thank you :-)


Helen S

Thanks and well done!

I just got back from 4 weeks overseas with my family (husband, nearly-3 year old and 4-month old). We were in the UK visiting family and then in Singapore. We had a total of 5 flights and used the CoziGo on the bassinet on every flight. My baby boy slept so well! We did this trip with our first boy a couple of years ago and it was much harder getting him to sleep when there was a big TV screen right above his head! What a fantastic product you've designed. I think that, without fail, on every flight we had someone remark on it, most of these were actually airline cabin crew. Everyone thought it was brilliant! We were also in the UK for their "heatwave" so we used it there over the stroller so that the baby was kept out of the sun and also when he needed to sleep (often in unusual/lively surroundings).


Aly Q

Purchased our CoziGo for our 4.5 month old daughters first overseas trip. I (mama) travelled alone with her from Perth, WA to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Long story short, we ended up missing a connecting flight due to a delayed flight so in addition to being a handy little sleepy tent for her on the plane, it also provided a make shift tent on a blanket in the floor of an airport lounge! While visiting family in Canada, I also brought it along to my parents cabin. I was able to set her up on the bed and pop on her tent-out like a light! Would recommend to everyone! Made flying solo with a little one just that little bit easier! xx


Lexi L

I took an overnight flight to Sydney from Los Angeles with my then 9 month old and 3 year old in tow. We were lucky enough to have the basinet for the baby but that's about as far as the luck went... the basinet was right below the lavatory lights that changed from red to green and vice versa every time used the toilet so the baby was being woken up non stop. Not to mention the seatbelt sign that came on 3 times during the trip (also above the basinet) and the no smoking sign that was permanently on. What a nightmare! I was forced to rig a makeshift tent over the basinet using blankets and the overhead locker which fell down every time I needed to access my bags (which is all the time when you are traveling with two kids!) and I was constantly aware of how potentially dangerous my blanket tent rig was so I didn't sleep a wink. On the return flight I was prepared with the CoziGo! The canopy fit snuggly over the top of the basinet and I was able to keep my baby in routine rather than waiting for the aircraft lights to be switched off for the evening. It was amazing. My baby was able to rest peacefully in her own little dark and peaceful sleeping space that I knew was safe and sound- I could even check on her discreetly without disturbing her sleep. I was able to take a break from the rocking and bouncing and I could even sneak off to the bathroom alone! I would almost go as far as to say that the aircraft basinets are completely unusable without the CoziGo!


Rani P

I was so pleased to discover CoziGo - I’ll buy anything that I think will make life easier when it comes to my baby and her sleep. It's a fully breathable, dark cover for bassinets, prams and the like. It only weighs 600g and folds into a tiny bag. I found it very handy in the air and on the ground as suddenly we were travelling from friend to friend and bub needed her daytime sleeps. I was able to pop it on the stroller and it was dark no matter what time of the day or where we were! The British Airways staff were particularly interested in this as sadly a baby had suffocated to death a few weeks before our trip when the parents had covered the airline bassinet with a blanket – apparently, a thing parents commonly do to shade Bub so lights and distractions in the plane don't wake them up. CoziGo has a peekaboo flap which can be left open for airline staff to see baby as it’s the law now. I found this a must have accessory during our trip.  


Julie S

When I boarded the flight I got a bassinet and set up CoziGo. The little round bag it comes in hangs off the side with Velcro straps so I put a few essentials in there including my iphone which I used to play lullabies for my baby. I found it very useful as it blocked out a lot of light for bubba, I could see her head from the zipper I opened slightly and it was easy for me to put her in and take her out without needing to dismantle anything. It seemed really cozy in there and bubba slept well for several hours. In the UK it was baby’s night-time but it was a bright summer day! We put CoziGo on the stroller and it fitted well (McLaren quest umbrella) – It blocked out the light and bubba slept peacefully. Since returning I did use it on the other pram we have (mammas and papas) and it also fits well… it’s very spacious and blacks out well as a sun shade and sun blocker. I even used it to cover some cakes I’d cooked lol! It’s structure is firm and yet folds into a handy circular bag in seconds. For me I think the main thing was the peace of mind… as a new mum it was good to have a tool like this to help us make the plane journey more comfortable for baby and ultimately for us.


Alexi P

I’ve loved using CoziGo especially on my stroller. My baby girl doesn’t normally sleep much in her pram, but when I started using CoziGo as a cover, she was able to fall asleep. I’d tried blankets but they didn’t really work and I worried about ventilation. I think this worked because it’s well ventilated, spacious and blocks out the light, but she can still see outside.


Leah G

Thank you sooooo much! I used CoziGo on my recent overseas flights and I can't even begin to thank you and explain how much easier it made traveling alone with a baby and toddler! I booked my flights to coincide with the sleep routine that I have my baby on and because of CoziGo blocking out all the distractions of a busy plane, my darling baby slept exactly like she was in her cot at home. This not only left me feeling very relaxed but also enabled me to look after my son and keep him happy and entertained. At the end of the flight, a passenger who sat behind me told me I must have 'seasoned travellers' as they were amazing on the flight. Happy mumma couldn't be prouder! The trip home was the same and I can't wait for CoziGo to come on the market so I can buy one!!!!


Jane O

I was lucky enough to get offered to trial a prototype CoziGo as I am going overseas in a few weeks and the owner of CoziGo thought it would be good for me to get my son use to using it as a Pram cover first. Well what can I say... Amazing as a pram cover, we were invited to a wedding last week ( my 6 month old son was too) and he slept for over 2 hrs in his pram with the CoziGo as a cover. He has NEVER slept more than 30mins at a time in his pram but I think the fact that the CoziGo was so dark it blocked out all the light and he felt safe and secure. Very happy Mum here! Thank you CoziGo I can't wait to trial it on our upcoming trip to Japan. I use it everyday now.


Sarah D

I bought a CoziGo cover for my sister. It arrived quickly and my sister loves it. Thank you CoziGo for creating such an awesome product.



Amazing product and fantastic customer service. I was dreading my forthcoming flight to the UK on my own with my baby and 5 year old, but this product saved my day. CoziGo were just so obliging to help me at extremely short notice to obtain the bassinet cover - so friendly, so helpful, so understanding, and amazing prompt customer service. The product itself was amazing with my baby sleeping comfortably and cosily in her little cocoon for 8.5 hours on the first leg. Easy to put up, so small and easy to carry that this product is an ABSOLUTE MUST for any flight. Don't hesitate, just contact CoziGo and get the same fabulous service. Thanks CoziGo - you made my flight one million times easier.


Emma P

A godsend when travelling with babies. I recently bought the CoziGo for our family trip from Sydney to Australia (and back via Indonesia). Our baby was 5 months old at the time we left. Having previously done the very long flight with my elder child as a baby I knew the difficulty of getting a baby to sleep in the plane bassinet. The bright lights and video screens had seen me struggling with trying to cover the bassinet with a muslin held up with tape, not very successfully! The 24 hour flight is hard for everyone in the family but when your baby can't sleep and is overtired and crying constantly each hour can seem like a day!

The CoziGo was absolutely fantastic on the plane. It fitted well over the bassinet but also gave a lot of space above baby so she didn't feel claustrophobic. It kept her in a nice snug darkness where she was able to fall asleep easily and stay asleep when the lights were on. She slept for a very large part of the flight and was definitely the best behaved baby on the plane because she wasn't over tired.



A must have on any long haul flight!  CoziGo worked wonders with our 10 month old on a trip to Canada. She slept almost the entire overnight flight. The airline staff where so impressed by the bassinet cover that they enquired about where to get them from.


Kristy H

A terrific innovative product. We used CoziGo on 2 international flights with our 4 month old and were very impressed. As aircraft bassinets are so frequently situated near the galley and toilets, it's a high traffic and noisy area. CoziGo eliminated the distractions and allowed our 4 month old to maintain his sleep routine which also meant some sleep for mum and dad! The crew had not seen it before and also commented on what a great innovation it was. I would recommend CoziGo it to all parents travelling with an infant, it's terrific!


Shannon H

It was a life saver!  I recently flew long haul with 2x under 2 by myself & CoziGo offered such a spectacular sleeping environment for my little on in the bassinet and on the go in the pram once we arrived. even the flight attendants were asking me where they could purchase one! brilliant customer service upon purchase and super easy to use (same twisting action as a beach tent to pack away). takes quite a lot of stress out of air travel in particular knowing I have CoziGo with me.


Fiona J

Great idea. I was excited to hear that someone had actually made a bassinet cover for airplanes as it is something I had long thought should exist! Easy to use and attach, it's just a shame our daughter didn't want to sleep anywhere other than in my arms. However it was much coveted by the parents of the babies who were sleeping in the bassinets!