About Us

The Mother Of Invention Is Necessity

The CoziGo journey started when my first daughter Aimee was just 5 months old. I flew from Sydney to London to introduce my mum to her first grandchild. I clearly remember getting off the plane exhausted and dishevelled carrying a screaming child. We were both desperate to sleep as neither of us had. I greeted my Mum and remember saying; 

"Well I won't be flying with a baby again in a hurry! – Absolute nightmare!"

Flying had not been on the top of my list of things to do and I was terrified what would happen on the plane and quite rightly so. 

Aimee’s well established sleep routine was so important and the poor little thing was awake for almost the duration of the 24 hour flight. 

Aimee’s inflight bassinet was right below a TV screen, to the left of the EXIT sign and Toilet lights. There was way too much going on. It was literally lights, camera, action, where Aimee was the leading lady in amongst all the mayhem. 

During the 5 week stay in the UK, my world came crashing down around me. My mum was diagnosed with Cancer and had been given just one year to live. I made the tough decision to relocate and be her primary carer. This decision saw me fly from the UK to Australia four times in one year so that Aimee’s Daddy could still see his baby girl occasionally. 

The flying experience never got any better.

In an attempt to help Aimee sleep better during flights, I carted around single sheets and masking tape and set up a canopy over the bassinet to help block out all the inflight action. She would drag it off or the masking tape would fail and it would fall on her and of course wake her. Nothing was effective in helping to remove all the crazy distractions on a flight.

When my mum passed away, I couldn’t get the problem of travelling with a baby out of my mind. With encouragement from my husband, I decided to bring something to the market that could help parents worldwide travel with their babies more effectively.

I wanted my new product to have a multipurpose. After all, it is more than just flying.  It is being away from home and out of routine. It meant that Aimee had to sleep in all sorts of places - hospitals, restaurants, parks and more. 

I was constantly draping wraps over the pram that would fly off in the wind, get caught in wheels, get pulled in by Aimee, not to mention the constant worry of accidentally suffocating her. 

When we set about designing CoziGo, I also wanted it to be one of the best universal bassinet, pram and stroller covers on the market.

So after a two year long design phase, we launched our Australian brand Fly Babee – Travel Made Easy. In the first two years of business Fly Babee won lots of innovation awards and customer service awards. 

We also launched Fly Babee on Australia’s version of Shark Tank and won over Shark Investor Janine Allis – she loved our idea. Fly Babee was hugely successful and sold thousands within Australia. Before long we were stocked in major baby shops and boutiques all over the world and we were getting lots of interest from overseas buyers.

We aim to make traveling and flying with babies easier. Keeping your baby in their sleep routine is just about one of the most important things you do as a parent of a young baby. CoziGo helps you achieve this allowing you to maintain your lifestyle and still get out and about with your baby and young kids on board. 

When Fly Babee Became CoziGo

Two years after launching Fly Babee – Travel Made Easy, we were ready to go International. This saw us rebrand our product. 

Fly Babee isn’t just for flying 

Fly Babee actually became one of the most popular sleep and sun covers for all prams and strollers. Our name didn’t really communicate the true everyday use of the product. It really is one of the best stroller covers on the market. With this in mind, we launched: 

“CoziGo – Sleep, Sun, Travel, we have your baby covered.”

CoziGo is a cosy 3-in-1 cover universal to all prams and strollers and fits on airline bassinets too. It can be used every day from birth to toddlerhood. We’ve got your baby covered for flying, airport transfers, relaxing dinners, walks along the beach and every-day tasks as simple as grocery shopping. 

With CoziGo you never need to feel housebound because you’re keeping to your baby’s routine with sleep and sun protection on the go. Your lifestyle doesn’t have to change when baby comes along. 

A sleeping baby is a happy baby and a happy baby is a happy parent.

CoziGo is packed with awesome features to help your baby safely sleep when out and about. I hope you enjoy our product and it helps to make every day with your baby a little more easy, more flexible and peaceful. A sleeping baby is a happy baby xox