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by Emma Lovell February 20, 2015 2 min read

Irritable, sad, moody and forgetful – not quite how you imagined you’d be feeling when you were pram shopping, excitedly awaiting the arrival of your precious bundle.
Your baby is born, and just like that you’re a family. We expect this time to be blissful. But with the joy comes a complete readjustment to your new life as a mum.
It’s often very hard for new parents to share what a tough time they’re having. The lack of sleep has us walking around in a constant fog. As a mother of two, I very well know the feelings of agony and desperation when you have a child that struggles to settle and sleep. Naturally you fall into patterns of rocking, feeding, driving your baby (back) to sleep.
If this is you, you need to know two things -
Firstly, sleep is a learned skill. Parents assume it’s an emotional and physical development that comes naturally. One in four families have babies or young children that have a sleep issue.
Secondly, you’re not alone. There are so many different methods to help teach babies and children how to sleep. Not every approach is right for every baby or child, and you need to find what works for you and your family – long term.
I do not believe in leaving babies or children to cry it out, nor in the practices of controlled crying. There are gentle techniques that do not cause that level of stress.
Most importantly you need to establish the right sleep routine (from 3 months). This means not missing the perfect sleep window - and ensuring they’re in the right environment to self-soothe and drift off to sleep.
My approach is to COACH the parents – empowering you with the support and confidence you need to teach your baby or child to independently and calmly go to sleep - and stay asleep! My training involves a gentle technique and creating a customised program continues to prove successful. Being your coach means you check in with me every day until we’ve achieved your baby’s sleep goals. It’s my goal and pleasure to help create (or restore) the sanity of a well-rested household, because I know all too well just how life changing that can be.

Cheryl Fingleson
Paediatric Gentle Sleep Consultant
For more information please go to www.thesleepcoach.com.au or call me to talk more on 0411 501 338.

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