The CoziGo is the best thing I bought for my baby. We are now able to nap while out of the house.
I recommend this to all my mummy friends! ~ Rachel M.

Mummy Fashion Blogger

by Emma Lovell November 29, 2016 1 min read

Mummy Fashion Blogger tells readers that she dreaded leaving the house with her little one and Fly Babee made it a lot easier:

The thought of leaving the house with a newborn gave me anxiety let alone what you need to pack with a newborn to travel overseas. I am excited to share with you a brand new product which is going to make airline travel easier. This product has just been launched called Fly Babee. Fly Babee is a black-out pop up canopy for in-flight bassinets. It blocks out 90 percent of the light and stops the overstimulating environment, it shields and protects your little baby. It also has dual use and acts as a stroller cover.

If you are planning a trip with a newborn then this is for you!