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The dangerous stroller mistake parents are making - CoziGo a safe Alternative

by Fiona Luke December 07, 2016 2 min read

The story below broke on Global News during the 2016 Olympic Games:














Medical researchers in Sweden are warning parents about the dangers of draping blankets over strollers during the hot summer months. Research shows even thin blankets, including muslin cotton, can create a Thermos-like effect because of bad air circulation. “If a child is unable to dissipate the heat and they find themselves in that situation they become dehydrated,” said Ian Pike with the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit. “Then things sort of get into heat exhaustion and if that’s not taken care of then this quite quickly progresses to heat stroke.” Test have shown if the temperature is 22 degrees, a stroller draped with a blanket – even a thin one  – can have the inside temperature rise up to 34 degrees in just half an hour. “There’s a balance between using a blanket to try to shade from the sunlight versus sort of trapping heat within the pram,” added Pike. The warning applies to light weight cotton such as muslin. “I do tend to do that, and then I realized it’s too hot, because it I put like my hand in here [the stroller] you can see how hot it is,” said mother Biancca Ozawa.

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CoziGo is safe alternative to covering your pram or stroller. It's fully breathable and most importantly air permeable (meaning air flows freely through the fabric). Unlike other make shift covers, it also offers UVP 50+ protecting your bub from the damaging sun. You can also open both windows fully allowing your child to enjoy the world around them whilst still being protected from the elements.