plane pal flying with kids


Flying with a toddler or two makes even the most patient of parents anxious at the thought of being in a small, enclosed space surrounded by hundreds of people… and a toddler who likes to test their vocal cords and exercise their legs… 


Have you been that parent that spends hours upon hours in the air trying to placate, entertain and feed your toddler? And I don’t know about you, but my toddlers can’t sleep sitting upright for hours on end. So often I’m that parent that is stuck underneath a sleeping toddler with the fear that moving to get comfortable might wake them? Unable to eat, drink, sleep or move!!! Heaven forbid!

Introducing Plane Pal! 

Plane Pal makes flying with a toddler a breeze feat! It's simply an inflatable cushion that fills the space between your child’s seat and the seat in front, allowing your toddler to stretch out and relax (or hopefully sleep!) without their legs dangling. It kind of mimics the Sky Couch concept without the thousand dollar price tag!


It’s the ingenious way of turning a seat in to a small bed, allowing your toddler more space for playing, resting, reading or doing whatever they can to pass the time. And for us parents? Well it gives us more freedom so we’re not stuck pinned to our seat by a sleeping toddler or two who needs to lie down to sleep. Flying with a toddler is so much easier when they sleep – and sleep is so much easier with a Plane Pal! Like our CoziGo Sleep Easy cover, its lightweight and compact so doesn't take up much room in your hand luggage.

plane pal flying with a toddler
plane pal travelling with kids

So if you're ready to make that next long haul trip with your toddler easier than ever before, click here to buy your Plane Pal. If you’re flying with more than one child, you can buy a sibling add-on pack here, which is simply an extra inflatable cushion (without the pump and bag).