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THE DAILY TELEGRAPH: Northern beaches parents advised to cover their prams safely this summer

by Fiona Luke October 09, 2015 2 min read

pram sun safety coverThe Daily Telegraph | October 28, 2015

MANLY mother of two Emma Lovell has an important message for northern beaches parents this summer — Not all pram covers are created equally and covering your baby’s pram inappropriately  can be dangerous and lead to your babies core temperature rising to dangerous levels.

The enterprising mum designed the world’s first sleep and sun cover for both prams and airline bassinets after realising that her first baby needed complete darkness to sleep when she had to fly between Australia and the UK many times with her second child.

Since Fly Babee (now CoziGo) featured on the Channel 10 show, Shark Tank, early in 2015 and she has sold thousands of the pop-up black out mesh canopies.

As we head into summer, Mrs Lovell wants parents to be aware that covering prams with blankets, towels and baby wraps to block out sun and light can be dangerous, raising the heat inside the pram and not providing adequate sun protection.

pram sun cover“I want them to know there is a safe alternative because experts warn that by raising a babies core temperature can contribute to SIDS.
So many parents are unaware that a makeshift alternative can literally put their child’s life at risk,” she said.