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by Emma Lovell November 18, 2019 4 min read

How to avoid overheating in your baby’s pram with a safe pram blackout cover


When we have a new baby in our lives, there are so many things to think about and our main objective as a parent is to keep them safe. So, when you read in the media that covering your stroller when you’re out and about could be dangerous or harmful, it’s easy to start to panic.


In this blog post, I’d like to go cover the ways you can avoid your baby overheating in the pram or stroller by using a safe blackout cover as recommended by parenting website Now to Love.


safe pram blackout cover CoziGo


When I was a new mum to Aimee – living in the beach-side suburb of Manly in Sydney meant that we were always out and about on very hot Summer days. Aimee would only sleep in a darkened environment, so I would block distraction by grabbing whatever I had to hand. Sometimes it would be her blanket, muslin wraps, my coat or a beach towel. She would drop off to sleep nicely, but when she woke, Aimee would often be dripping with sweat, over heated and agitated. I don’t mind admitting, this freaked me out and I would stress about how to effectively get her to have her much needed day sleep without the risk over-heating.


Nothing available in the shops was exactly what I wanted – all of the covers available followed the line of the pram which meant that the air flow is always going to be restricted – my idea was to create a bubble or dome shaped cover to easily clip on to any stroller that gave a baby plenty of kick space whilst allowing air-flow through 100% air permeable fabric. Because I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, I decided to set about designing my own and launched CoziGo – a blackout sleep cover that fits all prams and strollers.


cozigo safe pram blackout sun cover              badly covered stroller
CoziGo - Safe blackout sun cover                        Badly covered pram


Every year, the media digs out an article written by Swedish Paediatrician Svante Norgren, warning parents not to ever cover their prams with even the thinnest of muslin cloths. Norgen warns that heat gets trapped inside the stroller and doesn’t keep baby comfortable or safe. Here at CoziGo, we want to educate parents rather than scaremonger. 


It’s very important you don’t make the same mistake I made and just grab anything at hand to cover you baby’s pram at sleep time - The KEY word you need to remember is Air Permeable, not just breathable! Most fabrics when you put them up against your face will allow you to breathe through them… but the issue is making sure that air is freely flowing through whatever you place over your stroller. Wraps, muslins and thin blankets do not necessarily ensure that the air is flowing freely around your stroller. CoziGo’s fabric was researched heavily and has been tested for breathability and air permeability. Remember, air permeability is the important reference point here. CoziGo is 100% air permeable and breathable.


CPR kids have created a clever acronym PRAM to help you remember the key facts for safely covering your pram or stroller:


P - Protect from the sun using a well-ventilated shade designed for your pram
R - Regularly check on baby while in the pram
A - Air circulation is key. Make sure there is adequate air flow at all times
M - Make sure baby is always in your sight

PRAM ways to safely cover your stroller using CoziGo

Here’s how CoziGo enables you to easily  follow the rules of the PRAM acronym to ensure your baby gets that all-important day sleep whilst keeping them safe:


P - Protect from the sun using a well-ventilated shade designed for your pram
CoziGo is 100% breathable and air permeable.- attaching CoziGo to a pram will not increase the temperature inside the pram. It's made of a light mesh fabric, which keeps bub nice and cool inside and the air flows freely in and out of the cover. It also has SPF50+ protection so bub is protected from the sun's harsh rays


R - Regularly check on baby while in the pram
CoziGo has a “Chance-a-glance” opening at the top of the sun cover, so you can always check on your baby’s comfort at any time.


A - Air circulation is key. Make sure there is adequate air flow at all times
CoziGo’s bubble-shaped cocoon gives extra space to allow adequate airflow for safe and comfortable sleeping. The clever rounded sprung design makes it hard for babies and toddlers to kick off (or pull in!)


M - Make sure baby is always in your sight
CoziGo has multiple openings at both sides and each end. One side of CoziGo can be zipped up protecting bub from the sun, allowing the remaining side to be open so bub can still enjoy the view and you can keep a close eye.


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