Avoid the pain of disrupted sleep routines with a CoziGo Airplane Bassinet Cover

Does the thought of a long haul flight with a baby make you feel a little stressed and uneasy?

We understand the struggles (and logistics!) that you face when you are flying with a baby.

CoziGo was created to make it easier for parents just like you. It is a multi-functional airplane bassinet cover.

With CoziGo your baby will get to sleep easier, stay asleep longer and give you the rest you need on a plane so you arrive as refreshed as possible.
Avoid the pain of a disrupted sleep routine with a CoziGo Airplane Bassinet Cover.

Plus, when you’re not flying CoziGo doubles as a stroller and pram sun shade cover.

CoziGo Airplane Bassinet Cover
Flying with a baby can be fun!

Hi, I’m  Emma Lovell, the founder of CoziGo. In 2010, I had to travel on long haul flights with a newborn baby, from Australia to England 5 times in 1 year. My mum was living in England and was diagnosed with Cancer. My husband was still based in Australia, so I had to go back and forth so he could see his baby daughter, whilst I became my mum’s primary carer.

It was during these 10 long haul flights with a baby under that age of 1 that I realised how hard it was for parents that were flying with a baby. First off you had to struggle to get your baby to sleep, and then you had to try to keep your baby asleep.

You see,  the airplane bassinets, whilst amazing, are situated was in the worst possible place for your baby’s sleeping needs. They are located right next to the toilets, under the TV’s and overhead lights and in a high traffic area with the air hostesses constantly walking past attending to the passenger’s needs.

It was when my beautiful mum passed away and I finally got home to Australia with my husband and daughter that I decided to do something about it. I wanted to invent a device that would help future Mums & Dads that were in a similar predicament and were on long haul flights with a baby. I also want to take it one step further and made it so CoziGo also fits every stroller and carrycot on the market so that parents everywhere can get out and about and help their babies sleep outside of their cot whilst being protected by the harsh sun!

This was when CoziGo (formerly Fly Babee), was born.


100% breathable and air permeableCoziGo is made from woven fabric, which means it is air permeable and provides a well-ventilated environment for your baby. It will allow your baby to breathe comfortably and also means your baby will be less likely to overheat

Improves baby naptime by up to 400% - CoziGo will block movement and distractions so your baby will fall asleep faster & stay asleep longer, giving you time to rest on your flight

Stress-free outings & flying - because your baby will be sleeping better it will help prevent those dreaded in-flight meltdowns and help stop your baby from being over-tired. Your fellow passengers will love you for it

Universal fit - CoziGo's multi-purpose design allows it to fit airline bassinets, cots, prams and all strollers. So you can use it on the airplane as well as on a stroller or pram when you are out and about on your holiday or at home

Easy to use - pop, clip & connect to airplane bassinets effortlessly. It packs up in seconds into a small bag quickly, so you can fit it in your carry on luggage

Protects baby from germs - because of the closed environment, germs can easily circulate on airplanes through the airconditioning systems. This can result in spreading dangerous viruses. CoziGo can provide a healthier environment by limiting your baby's exposure from these unwanted germs

Lightweight & compact - (600g/1.3lbs) easy to include in your hand luggage

 air plane bassinet cover cozigo
A sleeping baby is a happy baby! CoziGo gives the gift of sleep




The same product is a safe sleep and sun shade cover for all strollers, prams and bassinets.

We know getting around when you need to and keeping your baby’s sleep cycles consistent can be an ongoing battle.

That is why when we designed CoziGo we wanted it to be multi-purpose so it would fit prams, strollers and bassinets.

We see so many people invest in a great pram and then risk the dangers of overheating their baby by throwing muslins, blankets and jackets over their stroller to help their baby sleep! CoziGo is 100% breathable and air permeable keeping your baby safe.



 air plane bassinet cover cozigo
A sleeping baby is a happy baby! CoziGo gives the gift of sleep

Universal Fit - for all strollers, prams, bassinets & airplane cots

100% breathable & air permeable - CoziGo is made with air permeable material that allows air to pass freely through the cover. This allows your baby to breathe comfortably and your baby will be less likely to overheat

Excellent sun protection - With a 50+ UVP rating, CoziGo will block out over 97.5% of the suns UV radiation, so your little one will always be protected from the suns UV rays

Unique Dome Shape - Cross flow ventilationthe unique dome shape has cross flow ventilation that will allow your bundle of joy to enjoy the breeze. The shape of CoziGo also provides plenty of kick space

Easy to use - pop, clip & go in seconds and packs into a small bag quickly

Two-way zippers - on each side so you can open one or both allowing your baby or toddler to see the world go by, protected by the sun no matter what direction it's coming from and you have easy access to your precious cargo!

Multi-purpose design - CoziGo was designed to be multi-purpose. It can be used as a stroller or pram sun shade cover or sleep cover. It can also be used on cots and airplane bassinets as a sleep cover


"As a sleep coach, I can’t stress enough the importance of routine for a baby. A regular, predictable sleep pattern is essential. It’s not practical to always be home for your babies sleep so CoziGo allows you to get on with life and still get great results for your baby’s sleep routine. It’s safe, breathable, protects from the sun and removes stimulation. I recommend CoziGo to all my clients."


The Sleep Coach

"As a midwife, the health and safety of babies is paramount. I discovered CoziGo when I had my first baby - We adore this revolutionary and easy to use product as not only is it providing a safe haven for our baby but it has the added benefit of blocking out the light so she can sleep soundly and peacefully. We don't go on our walks without it and highly recommend it to anyone who will listen."



"Brilliant product and worth every penny for a daily stroller cover and long haul flight accessory. During my review, my baby slept 9 hours straight during our long haul flight."


Director Flying with A Baby

"As a keen traveller, mum and an international Flight Attendant I’ve seen first-hand how CoziGo helps parents settle their babies quickly and effectively during their flight. Using CoziGo when you fly really is a game changer."


International Flight attendant